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Norton Domesday Book entry

Extract from the Domesday Book for Norton, Northamptonshire formerly known as Nortone
THE COUNT of MEULAN holds of the king in NORTON 2 hides and the fifth part of half a hide. [There is] land for 7 ploughs. Now in demesne are 2 [ploughs], and 1 hide of land. There 23 villans, with a priest and 9 bordars and 1 slave, have 6 ploughs. There is a mill rendering 10s, and 25 acres of meadow. It was worth 6l; now 8l. Aghmund held it freely. COUNT ALAN holds of the king 4 parts of half a hide in WAKEFIELD and Ralph the steward [holds] of him. There is land for 2 ploughs. In demesne is 1 [plough]; and 3 villans, with 1 bordar, have another plough. There is 1 acre of meadow. [There is] woodland 5 furlongs in length and 3 furlongs in breadth. It was worth 5s; now 10s. EARL AUBREY held of the king 2 hides in HALSE, and 2 hides in SYRESHAM, and 1 hide in BRACKLEY, with a church and a mill rendering 10s. In these 5 hides there is land for 12 ploughs. In demesne...

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